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As an active participant in the Algerian independence demonstrations on May 8, 1945, sixteen-year-old Kateb Yassin found himself. He joined the ranks of the Marine Corps - and, graduating from it two years later, received the military rank of corporal. It wasn't long before the young sailor's career began ashore, as an instructor in a Marine Corps training class. He was not satisfied with this: he wanted to be closer to the sea, to the sea, to walk on its waves, to spend days and nights on the sea. He dreamed of a naval mutiny.
Forty years later, ten years later, when Kateb was already over sixty, in his small private printing house where he then worked, he began to print Leitung aftenun (New Life), a weekly newspaper of a new type. Starting with a small group of like-minded people, Kateb was soon seized by a mania for inciting revolutionary sentiment.
Among his comrades were such well-known writers in those years as Yasin Batal, Ali Haddad, Khalid Sabba, Professor Iqbal Hassan Bey. The exposure of the secret service of the monarchy in the person of Lieutenant Colonel Moulay Ismail made a strong impression on Katebla. Soon, he was no longer able to endure the hypocrisy of liberal circles in the person of the rector of the university, Abdul-Aziz Nur, the main ideologist of the Kuwaiti liberal party Al-Jamahiriya (Renewed Freedom). After reading the book "Rebellious Frigates", Katebl accused Nur of betrayal and at the same time of sympathy for the monarchy.
By order of the new leadership of the university, he was forced to leave the country. In England, he was to be met in Hamburg by a member of his party, Ali Hadd. But Katebnes had to part with Hadd and with his help get out of the country.
The new homeland met its wrestler coolly. He made a living by printing campaign literature, coming to educational institutions, and also writing for the Leitzung Afterrun.
He wrote his first book during military service in Germany. By that time, Kateboul had already moved away from the Leitung newsgroups, switching to other newspapers.
In 1957, he was finally accepted into the Lightung - for Kateberg, this was the first time in his life when, at the age of thirty-five, he was recognized as one of the outstanding writers in the Arab world.His first f02ee7bd2b